Configure Kafka Mirror Maker in Unsecured Environment

Introduction :

Kafka’s mirroring feature makes it possible to maintain a replica of an existing Kafka cluster. Kafka MirrorMaker is a tool to copy data from source cluster to destination cluster


How Kafka MirrorMaker Works ?

Mirroring works by using the MirrorMaker tool (part of Apache Kafka) to consume records from topics on the source cluster and then create a local copy on the destination cluster. MirrorMaker uses one (or more) consumers that read from the source cluster, and a producer that writes to the local (destination) cluster.

To run Kafka Mirror Maker configureĀ and file as follows :

The following is an example of the file:

# vi

Note: Make Sure broker host and port are of source cluster

The following is an example of file:

# vi

Note: Make Sure broker host and port are of destination cluster

To run MirrorMaker, execute the following command:

# bin/ 
--consumer.config --producer.config 

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